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Food, Drink & Litter


Daily visits - this can be one or twice a day depending on your pet's needs. We will wash pet dishes prior to serving them their breakfast/lunch or evening meals and clean water bowls ensuring cold fresh water available daily.

If you have an indoor pet or one that uses a tray pet we will clean litter trays, top-up litter, and ensure all fresh and clean for your pet - daily. We are happy to administer pills or medication if required but please ensure this is agreed upon at the time of booking.


On every visit we will do a quick pet MOT to ensure everything running smoothly, clean eyes, paws, bots - we will care for your pet the same way we'd care for ours.

Cat Feeding
Sleeping Cat


If your pet needs nighttime companionship we are available to help.


The service consists of a nighttime check-in and morning departure every day - we are happy to discuss timings directly so that your pet's schedule runs as usual whilst you are away from home - let's be honest no pet likes disruptions in their routine!

All sleepovers will provide playtime, grooming, and interaction - this is entirely at your pet's discretion as we know not all like to be brushed and some would frankly rather just sleep on our laps all evening, the usual routine of food, drink, and litter highlighted above are included in sleepover services.

Ad-Hoc Requests


We acknowledge that every guest is different and parents may require some extra help such as lights, post, delivery's or even attention for some other household pets - we have had many different and unusual requests and are happy to consider each and every at the time of booking.

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