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About this product

Catch a mouse by the tail is no ordinary mouse toy. It's handmade by felt artisans in nepal of 100% pure new zealand wool, and gets its vivid coloring from azo-free, cat-safe dyes.

But the best feature of this mouse is its approximately six-foot long tail! The tail, which twists and tangles, and trails along behind a cat, is super exciting for solo play.

Cat guardians can get in on the fun, too! Drag this toy by the tail to simulate a scampering rodent, and to stimulate a cat's natural hunting instinct.

Catch a mouse by the tail comes in its own zippered pouch, which cat guardians can keep and use to store this special toy when it's not in use.

We partner with world fair trade-certified craft guild to make this toy. Note that each mouse is a just a tiny bit different because it’s completely handmade, right down to the hand-sewn details on the face.

Note: catch a mouse by the tail with a rainbow tail makes makes an excellent pride gift.

Catch a Mouse by the Tail - 6ft Long Rainbow Tail

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