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Colour - Cream Sisal

A climbing carpet for the wall made of sisal gives active cats the ultimate climbing fun - to let off steam.

The extra long Profeline scratch carpet combined with one or the other climbing furniture provides a lot of variety for active cats. It is cleanly interlinked so that no fraying of the sisal fibres can occur. Our wall climbing carpet has 3 long adhesive strips on its back, with an extra high adhesive strength - with these the climbing carpet can be attached easily to every smooth wall. However, if you would prefer to screw with dowels, then order at least 3 x our assembly sets with screws and dowels, so that the carpet remains smooth and does not crease.

Sisal is a natural hard fibre and has robust properties. Sisal animates cats to scratch due to its surface and structure. The sharpening of the claws is extremely important for cats. To prevent your cat from scratching wallpaper or furniture for this purpose, it is essential to provide the appropriate scratching material. Sisal helps the cat to remove the scaly top layer of the claws. This also prevents the cat's claws from growing in.

Size: 180 x 33 cm

WALL - CLIMBING CARPET - 180 X 33 CM by Profeline

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