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The Tower feeding bowl is made of durable, high-quality porcelain and has the perfect ergonomic height. The cat food bowl combines well with the Ring slowfeeder, and thanks to the different colors, you can mix and match them creatively.

Key Advantages

✔ Use as a feeding or drinking bowl.

✔ Ergonomic design for healthy eating or drinking position, even for cats with arthritis.

✔ Perfect to use in combination with the Ring slowfeeder.

✔ Stands firmly due to its stable design.

✔ It is equipped with a handle for easy lifting.

✔ A beautiful addition to your home interior.

✔ Dishwasher safe.

Is it suitable for my cat?

The Tower feeding and drinking bowl is suitable for all cats and, thanks to its ergonomic height, is also excellent to use in case your cat suffers from arthritis.

Tower Porcelain Ergonomic Feeder

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