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The VEGAS scratching post meets the natural needs of your little friend while adding a touch of style to your living space - the ULTIMATE cat scratcher...

In collaboration with the designer Julie Gaillard, Meyou is reinventing this essential object for the well-being of our felines (and the health of our furniture) with the VEGAS cactus-shaped scratching post, which will bring a fun and trendy touch to your decoration.

Fixed on a brushed stainless steel support - a brushed stainless steel base with sturdy "straps". It can be easily removed to replace its color or to replace it in case of wear with the refills for VEGAS. Moreover, it does not deteriorate as quickly as cardboard and does not require the passage of the broom after each scratch. The scratching surface is made of woven rope 





Dimensions: H.70 x W.28 cm

- Wall mounting (screws not included) - screws with a maximum diameter of 6mm + plugs adapted to hollow or solid partitions according to your construction. (Not included)

- Detachable scratch surface, made of woven rope

- Brushed stainless steel support cut less than a kilometer from our workshop

The VEGAS Cat Scratching Post By Meyou - Pawsome

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