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About this product

The “Poulpo” cat cane is modular and adapts to the cat's hunting preferences with its 3 different tentacles (feathers, ribbon and cords), for a tailor-made hobby.

This 2 in 1 toy will also be a perfect nap companion after having a good time off some steam, since Poulpo, the soft toy at the end of the line, can be detached from the cord and used as a cuddly toy.

In addition, thanks to its resealable pouch, it can be filled with catnips corresponding to the olfactory sensitivities of the cat in question.

We chose chamomile and passion flower for the calming herbs, and valerian, catnip, and olive for the euphoric herbs.

Contents of the pack:

- A cat cane and its Poulpo

- 5 organic catnips (chamomile, passion flower, catnip, valerian, olive tree)

- 3 tentacles to put at the end of the Poulpo or at the end of the wire (feathers, cords and ribbon)

- An explanatory booklet

- A thank you card seeded with lemon balm seeds

The fishing rod and grass pack

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