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Necoichi Stretch and Scratch Wall Cat Scratcher is sturdy and stable so your cat can relax and scratch with confidence. Despite its larger 27.6-inch size, the wood panel design blends effortlessly with any home interior. Scratcher is made from 100% recycled paper, 10% of which is raw pulp paper from New Zealand. We have ensured we use the finest materials with your precious cat in mind. Dense, durable fine-grain cardboard reduces scratching waste while providing a comfortable scratching experience for your cat. All adhesives used are plant-based and free of chemicals for your cat’s safety and your peace of mind.

Key Benefits

😺Spacious wall and floor scratcher pads encourage good scratching habits

😺Easy to assemble. Assembled size 14.2" x 15.0" x 27.6"

😺Made from 100% recycled paper and chemical-free for your cat's safety

😺Fine cardboard grain creates less scratch paper waste

😺Reversible scratching pad in the base

😺4 attachable non-slip silicon feet included

Stretch & Scratch Wall Cat Scratcher

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