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About this product

Introducing the SPIN Feeder Range, an award-winning collection of interactive pet feeders that enhance mealtime for your pets. The SPIN series pairs base bowls with various spinners and tops, creating dynamic bowls that turn eating into a fun slow-feeding game. Made with food-grade materials, these products foster enrichment activities and mental stimulation during meals. The rotating spinners can be adjusted or fixed by tightening the top, offering customizable difficulty levels. The SPIN Feeder Range suits pets of all ages and sizes, ensuring a healthier and enjoyable dining experience.

The SPIN Palette bowl, designed with a medium level 2 difficulty, boasts five cups that increase the challenge for your pet during mealtime. This interactive design encourages slower eating and mental stimulation. The Palette can also be combined with other toys, such as covering the cups with tennis balls, to create even more engaging and enjoyable feeding games for your furry friend.

SPIN Interactive Feeder Palette by Pet Dream House

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