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The SINGHA M Design cat furniture is a multifunctional lying shaft for cats made of robust and durable corrugated cardboard. It is a scratching, sleeping and playground for cats at the same time.

The SINGHA M scratching post has another advantage: the extremely durable construction of the exceptionally robust corrugated board provides an unusually durable scratching surface: this makes claw care easy. It meets all the requirements of a good scratching furniture: robustness, stability, durability, ergonomics and multi-functionality.

Our cat furniture differs many times over from similar products in terms of paper and processing quality. Despite higher purchase costs, almost all customers remain loyal to the brand due to its excellent durability. With our customization service, you have the opportunity to benefit from customer loyalty with your logo or co-branding and to bind them to your business. We make every order individually!

Singha M Design large cat scratcher & lounger

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