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The shallow, wide Ring slowfeeder prevents whisker fatigue and is also great for cats with flat heads. Cat food can be strewn in the Ring to encourage calm eating. The slowfeeder has a sleek design and is made of durable, high-quality porcelain.

The Ring combines well with the Tower feeder, and thanks to the different colors, you can mix and match them creatively.

Key Advantages

✔ Prevents eating too fast and encourages play.

✔ Flat and wide design prevents whisker fatigue.

✔ Available in multiple colors.

✔ Excellent addition to your home decor.

✔ Perfect to use in combination with the Tower feeder.

✔ Dishwasher safe.

Is it suitable for my cat?

The Ring slowfeeder is suitable for all cats and is also excellent to use when your cat eats too fast or suffers from whisker fatigue.

Ring Slow Feeder

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