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About this product

GROW YOUR OWN PLANTS THAT CATS ADORE - A fantastic gift- Eco-Friendly - Easy to grow. This 1Litre Planting Kit contains the essentials for growing your very own plants that cats adore to eat and play with.

BRILLIANT GARDENING GIFT IDEA - With our easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions inside every pot, this perfect gift is an ideal gift for gardening enthusiasts as well as first-time growers. The pot itself is fully recyclable after use and all inside contents are biodegradable.


What's in the Kit?

- 3 Packets of flowering seeds that cat love.

Catnip (Nepeta Cataria)

Cat Grass (Dactylis Glomerata)

Cat Mint (Nepeta Mussinii)

- Instruction Booklet

- 3 wooden plant markers

- 3 bio pots

- 2 soil discs or 1 XLarge disc

- 3 regular soil discs

- 1 eco tin 1Litre planter

We regularly batch-test them to ensure excellent quality, speedy growth, and happy-looking sproutings.

Cat Nip Plant Kit - Grow Your Own

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