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PRIVACY AND COMFORT: This bed gives your furry friends some privacy!

They feel safe and sheltered, improving their overall comfort.

If your pet likes a little alone time, this is the perfect pet bed for time-outs and a little privacy. Great for the dog, cat or rabbit who wants to occasionally get away from it all. 

Made with pet-safe materials-velvet fabric , completely free from harsh chemicals and synthetic fabrics. Safe and non-toxic for your pet and for the environment.

Non-slip bottom keeps the cat bed in place for worry-free placement on tile and hardwood floors in the house.

With a pumpkin shaped and cave-like design, 2-in-1 enclosed pet tent bed functions gives your furry friends some privacy, warm, cozy and durable.


MEDIUM = 40 X 40 X 30

LARGE = 50 X 50 X 40 


** This bed will has a little deformed due to compression during transportation. The package will be restored to its original form after 48 hours.

Pumpkin Shape Hooded Pet Bed House

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