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The extra large felt mouse from the Profeline CatToys Pure Wool Collection with hand strap - 100% wool felted by hand.

Woolly LongMouse - the new cat rod with hand loop made of 100% wool felt. The pleasantly soft hand loop makes playing together a pleasure for both cat and man. With its extra long and thick felt band, the 12 cm long and approx. 63 gr heavy felt mouse the cat toy will inspire your cat guaranteed and the wild hunt can begin. This robust cat rod must not be handled carefully. Here your cat may actively catch the mouse and a pulling and wrestling around the mouse can begin between man and cat - and should it become even wilder - the mouse is soft and flexible and can also be used as a throwing toy - a simple catching is easily possible thanks to the drag line.

Cats love the smell of natural wool - with our Pure Wool series in black & white design you get a high-quality product, which your whole family and of course your cat will enjoy for a long time. Our cat toys of the Pure Wool Collection are manufactured exclusively in Kathmandu (Nepal) by our partner - a Fair Trade company - in careful handwork. Felted only with water and soap, the wool toys in Kathmandu dry in the sun.

And if your cat likes to gnaw on the wool - don't worry - the naturally dyed cat products are fully digestible. All products are guaranteed natural and made from renewable raw materials. The high-quality felt is very robust and extra firmly felted. Quality Made by Profeline

1 piece, Mouse ca. 12 x 5,5 cm, felt rope ca.1,2 meter, 100 % wool, 100 % handmade

Each hand cat fishing rod is unique and individual in shape and length of the felt band.


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