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This pendant is made from genuine sheepskin and will captivate your cat with its diverse texture – sometimes curly, sometimes tousled.

Your cat will enjoy enthusiastically plucking the fur and working on the prey with its paws. The toy is naturally tanned and made without additives, both in leather processing and production.

The discovery of these special furs happened during one of our journeys. As we value natural materials and have a preference for products close to nature, we take every opportunity to search for unique items in small manufactories.

1 piece

Size approx. 18 x 7 cm

Color corresponds to the illustration.

It is important to note that at Profeline, we are staunchly against animal cruelty and the killing of animals solely for their fur. All our furs are by-products of the food industry and thus an integral part of the sustainability cycle. We are deeply committed to animal-friendly breeding and sustainable practices.

Profeline Sheep Fur Refill

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