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Cat rod set for the alone activity of your cat - thanks to extra strong suction cup for fixing on all smooth surfaces.

With this cat rod you can let your cat play all alone - this is made possible by the extra strong suction cup, which creates additional negative pressure by a switch, and so can be perfectly attached to all smooth surfaces.

So your cat can start the game with the bobbing cat fishing rod whenever it feels like it - the "prey" on the rod moves excitingly in the air and wakes up the hunting instinct guaranteed - and the best - your cat can start the game independently and is not required to have a human playing partner.

Attached to a soft rod, the mono wire can't get knotted or tangled - the indestructible mono wire gently swings up and down as your cat plays. By attaching the various replacement tags, the cat rod will stay interesting for your cat for a long time - and playtime fun is sure to continue.

Directions for use

Twist off the rubber cap from the end of the cat rod and insert the fishing rod into the holder of the suction cup.

Attach the suction cup easily: place it on any flat and smooth surface such as tiles, glass, coated wood, windows, tubs or plastic and press down the pressure switch - attach one of the attachments to the rod and you are ready to watch your cat playing.

This rod can be used as a regular cat rod before inserting it into the suction cup.

Please note ! After removing the rubber cap at the end of the rod and inserting it into the suction cup, the rod is firmly locked and can no longer be removed!


The 3 included replacement attachments are of quite different texture, so there is sure to be a favorite for your cat with it and each type of cat is guaranteed to have its fun by the variety in the hunt for quite different prey.

1. the Feaky Worm - at which your cat can nudge and tug - and a softly ringing bell provides an additional acoustic stimulus.

2. the Turkey Feather - for a fluttering flying experience.

3. the Butterfly - for cats who like small insects.

Watch the interactive play between the bobbing rod and your cat - and what joy your cat gets out of the game.

This cat rod will accompany your cat through the boring times when the owner is not at home.

Content Cat Fishing Rod Set:

1x suction cup 6 x 4 cm black

wire with spacer approx. 95 cm

3 attachments

1x Freaky Worm approx. 24 cm

1x Turkey Feather approx. 20 cm

1x Butterfly approx. 6 cm

Profeline - Self Play Cat Toy Set

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