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Real fur PomPoms made of rabbit fur should not be missing in any cat household!

They are ideal for pushing around - but can also be attached to a cat rod by an added rubber loop.

The beautiful fur balls are handmade.

They are without catnip or valerian - the real fur is animation enough here!

1 piece

Size approx. 7 cm

Different natural colors, no color choice possible.

We get our skins from a traditional German tannery that we trust.

Presented by Maja British Shorthair Cat

Good to know: We at Profeline are completely against animal cruelty and killing animals just for their fur, out of conviction.

Rabbit fur is a by-product of food production - so these fur are part of the sustainability cycle.

Animal-friendly breeding and sustainable actions are of course very close to our hearts.

Profeline Fur Pom Pom

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