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The double pack replacement attachments are perfect for cats who are fascinated by the enchanting world of shimmering dragonflies and beetles.

These two toys are excitingly colorful and instantly captivate your cat. The dragonfly stands out with its transparent wings, soft chenille body, and big eyes – a perfect imitation. On the other hand, the beetle impresses with its large transparent wings and a crackling body that flies better than its natural friends.

With a weight of only 2g, these attachments are ideal for all cat wands with string or wire. Let these special replacement trailers zip through the air, and watch with joy as your cat tries to catch this exciting creature. Swing it over your cat's head and embark on an exciting game together that will delight your cat.

1x Dragonfly approx. 6 x 7 cm 1x Beetle approx. 8 x 9 cm

Various colors, no color selection possible

Our Devon Rex models Maja and Assol

Profeline Dragonfly & Bug Refil

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