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So adorable is Squirrely the squirrel with the big ears - suitable for all cat rods with carabiner as an interchangeable tag.

Squirrely is handmade from genuine rabbit fur. The lovingly crafted wool head with whiskers, the large leather ears and the long bushy tail - make Squirrely the flying squirrel so unique. On a cat rod, it can be moved quickly and quickly over the ground, in the air or along the scratching post - and surely amimizes your cat's hunting instinct - and your cat will enthusiastically start the hunt for Squirrely.


1 piece

size approx. 15 cm

various natural colors - no selection possible

Photo model Maja British Shorthair cat

The fur is a by-product of free-ranging wild hares, which live a natural outdoor life in Europe and are protected by EU animal welfare laws.

Profeline - Cat Toy Squirrely

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