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Profeline Cat Toys Special Edition in BROWN - 2 attachements in double pack suitable for cat rods with carabiner

Charming pendants in the color brown for more variety on your cat rod. Whether on a rod with a fixed wire or a fixed line, these replacement tags make an exciting flight - performance.

Let the tags dance on your cat rod too.

Let the hunt begin.


1x moth / chenille body with feathers size 6 x 9 cm

1x fish / white deer hair with feathers 9 x 6 cm

Our charming feather pendants are handmade in Africa. We support women there who often have to care for their children or grandchildren alone.

The Profeline attachements can also be used on cat rods from DaBird and Purrs Cat Toy.

Profeline - Cat Toy Special Edition in BROWN

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