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This beautiful, redesigned version of the classic litter box is made entirely of environmentally friendly plastic. The compact design makes the Poh suitable for small spaces but is also spacious enough for your cat's comfort.

The Poh cat toilet is made of high-quality strong plastic that is easy to clean and feels solid. Cleaning is easy with the handy scoop that fits nicely into the accompanying container. Thanks to the stylish design the litter box does not need to be hidden and can be placed anywhere.

Key Benefits

✔ The Poh is very practical and easy to clean.

✔ A welcome addition to your interior.

✔ Easy access for your cat.

✔ The open design makes the Poh suitable for fearful cats.

✔ Planet-friendly made of 100% recycled ABS.

Suitable for my cat?

The Poh is suitable for small to large cat breeds. The Poh is not suitable for cats that cannot sit down to pee and for the largest cat breeds (Ragdoll, Main Coon).

Technical details

› Dimensions: 50x37.5x12.7 cm

› Assembly: The product does not need to be assembled and can be used immediately.

› Material: Made from strong and planet-friendly ABS plastic.

› Cleaning: Can easily be done with soapy water and then dry the Poh with a soft cloth.

Poh Cat Litter Box Kit - with scooper & tofu litter bag by Hoppo

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