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Pet Remedy natural de-stress and grooming is the perfect way to give your cat a calming and relaxing massage whist removing loose hair from the coat.

Kit contains: Soft massage brush with 20 Pet Remedy Calming Wipes

How to use

You and your cat will enjoy the massage most if you are sitting comfortably in a quiet space with your cat on your lap. A warm towel placed over your lap will make the experience even more special for your cat.

Start by taking a calming wipe and slowly wiping your cat’s coat from head to tail, under the chin and down the chest. The natural calming properties of Pet Remedy will quickly help your cat to relax.

Now use the Pet Remedy silicon massager to slowly brush out the loose hair.

Hold the massager in the palm of your hand with the handle between your fingers and follow the natural direction of your cat’s fur in smooth and gentle strokes.

After use

Remove excess hair from the brush and wash with warm water.

The brush can be taken apart as shown for though cleaning when required.

To re-assemble after cleaning, ensure all parts are dry before securing the silicon base onto the middle section. Gently push the middle section into the handle, ensuring that the edges of the silicon are tucked in all the way round.

Pet Remedy Cat Luxury Grooming & Massage Kit

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