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Bio CosySheepy from the Natural Organic Cotton Collection - the cuddly little lamb is made with love in Germany.

The cuddly lamb made of 100% organic cotton plush is filled with seductively fragrant catnip and valerian. Cuddling his new friend, burying his nose in the soft fabric and playfully plucking the long floppy ears - CosySheepy guarantees pure fun.

A feel-good program for all the senses of your cat. Feel this soft cotton fabric made of pure organic cotton - a cuddly soft fabric of the extra class - Made in Germany.

The profeline Cat Toys cat toy collection is made of 100% organic cotton fabrics from controlled organic cultivation (bkA). During the production of the fabrics, toxic and non-degradable pesticides are expressly avoided.

An extra soft cotton plush in natural white with dangling ribbons. The toys are filled with our popular seductively fragrant catnip-baldrian mixture. So that the fragrance remains safe and even at home for your cat irresistibly fragrant, all items are aroma sealed packaged.

1 piece, Size approx. 16 x 10 cm, height 5 cm, 100% organic cotton organic outer fabric (certified organic cultivation) GOTS - certified (Global Organic Textile Standard)

5g Catnip-Baldrian-Mix stuffed, Aroma sealed packaging, Filling Heavy-duty, hard-wearing puffy polyester hollow fibre flakes. The flakes are anti-allergic and permeable to air.

Made in Germany

Organic Cosy Sheep by Profeline

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