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If there is a king or queen in your palace, there must be a throne where they can rest all day long and sleep all night with sweet dreams.

Odense sleeping couch with its homely design offers comfort to our little friends. Designed for small breeds of cats and dogs, Odense is an easy-to-install sleeping couch made of aluminum and wooden components.

Instruction For Use

It should be used indoors, it is not suitable for outdoor use.

Fabric parts should be washed at 30 C.

Should not be dried in the dryer after washing.

Fabric Parts (from their reverse side) can be ironed at low temperatures.

Before the covers of the cushions are washed, their zippers should be opened and removed.

The installation of the products should be done according to the assembly schemes provided.

It should not be cleaned with hard cleaning materials.

It can be cleaned with a wet cloth without using cleaning chemicals.

Check the size chart before ordering the product.


Aluminium: 2mm thick, ASTM International (American Society for Testing and Materials) specified, fully recyclable material.

Wooden: Plywood made of beech 18 mm long-lasting, chemical-free odorless material treated against wood pests.

Cushion: Recycled cotton woven fabrics of British origin. The inside is washable with long life ball fiber filling.

Paint: GSB Master, Qualicoat – Class 2, WRAS, ISO 9001 certified, non-volatile chemicals (VOC) that do not generate any waste during production and consumption and thus do not cause air and water pollution.

Mounting elements: All mounting parts are perfectly matched. It can be easily installed with a single mounting switch supplied.

Design:Every corner and edge of the Odense sleeping couch is softened to prevent damage to your baby from bumps or rubbing. Light and strong alloys are used for easy transport. There is also a handle detail on the top for carrying with one hand.


Height60 cm / 24 inch

Width60 cm / 24 inch

Depth60 cm / 24 inch

Weight10 kg

Odense Pet Bed by Weelywally

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