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Make kitty mealtime more comfy with the Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl. By raising the food to your pal’s level instead of forcing him to bend down, this bowl makes for easier swallowing and smoother digestion—and by reducing neck strain, it’s also great for cats with arthritis. The inner lip means no spills, and the unique curvature helps the food stay in the center so he doesn’t have to chase the food around the bowl edges. Plus, the limited-edition design features Mount Fuji—the tallest mountain in Japan—along with adorable kitty paw prints and plum flowers—a symbol of purity that’s fit for any feline.

🍬Ergonomic raised bowl design allows your kitty to eat and d

🍬Great for cats that suffer from backflow, acid reflux or GERD, as well as kitties with neck or joint discomfort or arthritis

🍬Made from non-absorbent porcelain with a subtle inner lip to eliminate spills.

🍬Built-in curvature ensures food stays centered for easier eating

Necoichi Raised Cat Food Bowl - Large

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