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About this product

The Mini Donuts come in sets of 3 and make a crackling sound when you chew or squeeze them, giving your cat the perfect prey. Throw the Mini Donuts in front of you or put some on your cat's favourite play area. The Mini Donuts have been carefully tested by our cat test panel and, like all Hoopo's products, are made to ensure long-lasting fun.

Key benefits

✔ Tested and approved by our cat test panel.

✔ Per set 3x irresistible toys for your cat.

✔ The colours are mixed so it's always a surprise which set you get.

✔ Perfect prey for your cat due to light weight and crackling sound when you squeeze or chew.

✔ The Mini Donuts are sturdy and guarantee long playtime fun.

Suitable for my cat?

The Mini Donuts cat toy is suitable for all cats and, thanks to its pretty packaging, is also fun to give as a gift.

Mini Crackling Donuts - Pack of 3 on Gold Storage Loop

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