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About this product

Michu XXL Deluxe Cat Litter Box Lid

Enhance your XXL cat litter box with the Michu XXL Deluxe Lid. Made from high-quality composite wood, it provides extra storage and effective odor control. With a thickness of 1 inch, it is sturdy and durable.

Multi-Purpose Convenience:

Offers additional storage for cat essentials and reading materials.

Effective Odor Management:

Contains and prevents the spread of odors for a fresh environment.

Premium Composite Wood:

Durable and sophisticated design.

Generous Thickness:

1-inch thick, robust, and stable for daily use.

Seamless Integration:

Fits perfectly onto the XXL cat litter box, complementing your home decor.

Upgrade your cat litter box with the Michu XXL Deluxe Lid, combining storage and odor control in a stylish design.

Material: Premium Composite Wood

Thickness: 1 inch

Michu Xxl Deluxe Cat Litter Box Lid

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