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Your cat deserves all the love and one way of showing how much you care for them is by making sure that they look and feel amazing. Regularly brushing your cat’s hair is a good way of making sure that you take care of them. Keep your cat’s hair untangled and smooth all the time when you get the Cat Hair Comb!


KEEP YOUR CAT HEALTHY as regular brushing encourages good blood circulation while giving you a chance to check for fleas and bugs.

EFFECTIVELY REMOVES SHEDDED HAIR so that you won’t have to keep on brushing your cat’s hair for a longer time.

WITH AN EASY GRIP HANDLE that allows you to hold the comb with ease and maneuver the brush on your cat’s body.

COMES WITH A DISPENSE BUTTON making it easy for you to dispose of the fur shedding without having to pull out the strands from the bristle.

What are you waiting for? Get yours now!

Product Details:

Color classification: Green

Dimension: 4.2 inch x 7.1 inch

Weight: 4 oz

Material: ABS,PC, Silica Gel, Stainless steel

Michu Round Head Cream Pet Grooming Brush

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