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About this product

Keep your bed, couch, and clothes free of muddy paws. While you can give your pets regular baths, doing so can be pretty exhausting. Michu Wipes offer you a time-saving alternative by keeping your pet clean between baths. They contain antibacterial and deodorizing agents, and are safe for sensitive skin like the paws and ears. For a fresh and cuddle-friendly furry friend.


Hypoallergenic Wipes: They are safe and non-irritating for your pet's fur and paws, made from non-woven fabric and pure water.

Sensitive Skin Friendly: Michu Wipes are 100% free of parabens, alcohol, perfumes, chlorine, and harsh chemicals.

Cleans & Moisturizes: These wipes offer gentle grooming on the go, they are moist and super convenient to use anytime, anywhere.

Ultra-Versatile: These unscented wipes help you clean, freshen, and condition your pet's coat and paws between baths, or in the great outdoors when there's no water.

Michu Cotton Bubble Cat Wipes 80pc Pack

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