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About this product

What feline doesn’t appreciate a nice saucer of milk? Perhaps he’d like to pour it himself.

This oversized milk-container-shaped cardboard box toy for box-loving cats makes for fun piece of cat furniture. It is easily enjoyed on its side as well as in an upright position.

And if the cat likes a good chuckle, perhaps he’ll enjoy the little bit of kitty humor on the carton, too.

Assembled, the Mega Milk Carton is approximately 26" tall and 12.5" wide and deep. Holes are approximately 6.5" in diameter.

Mega Milk Carton cat playhouse is cat-safe, imprinted with soy-based, human-grade inks. It's also an eco-friendly product, made of recycled cardboard. This product is made in the USA.

Mega Milk Carton Cat Playhouse

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