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Ingenious Concave Design on Top: A slightly concave oval-shaped design fit cats' spine better when they sleep on it, providing them a suitable place to curl up for a good nap in a rosy afternoon or to scratch and play.

Funny Hiding House:The tunnel between 2 holes give your kitty a half-closed private space for resting or exercising, good for muscle toning and stress relief. The spacious inner space makes it a big cat house.

Furniture Hero:Release cats' natural scratching instincts while reducing the risk of damage to your carpets, curtains or other furniture. Protect your interior furnishings from being destroyed with this Large Condo

Healthy Recyclable: Made by recycled, harden corrugated cardboard with harmless corn starch glue, your cats can fix their claws safely while scratching on it. Healthy for your feline friends and your family

Large enough for cats. This cat scratcher lounge provides a large scratching area, perfect for adult cats, fit for most sizes and breeds of cat


While standard cardboard boxes reduce stress in cats by providing quiet, tightly enclosed spaces for hiding and napping, cardboard cat houses have even more to offer. In addition to privacy, cardboard cat houses come equipped with scratch pads that satisfy a cat's innate desire to stretch and condition the claws. And unlike cat trees, cardboard cat houses are lightweight, durable, and easy to assemble



Weight: 1894G

Size: 570*290*290mm

Material: corrugated paper

Luxury Cat Scratcher

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