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A beautifully designed woolen cat house-bed in a big a size. One or more Cats can snuggle together in this natural ecoloical hand felted Cave.

It is perfect for Cats to play and sleep inside or on top. Comfortable bed for yours pet's healthy sleeping and rest. The bed provides maximum warmth and comfort. Cozy and Cushioned. It is super soft and warm, so your pet will feel happy when in it. Lovely plum style, simple but good-looking.

Packed comes this beautiful cat cave in a cotton bag, which can later be ideally reused as a laundry bag or gym bag - packaging can not be more sustainable!

Handmade wool felt cat house are durable and easily cleaned.

Wipe dirt with a clean, dry cloth or soft sponge with water and soap. Use vacuum.

Wool has a natural self-cleaning characteristic, so a full bath is rarely necessary.

Care: Gently hand wash with warm water. While still wet, return to its original shape and then air dry on a towel.

Cat house, washed using washing machine, can lose their shape.

Dimensions: The cat caves are handmade, so each piece is unique, the dimensions mentioned are approximate - but may vary from cave to cave.

Diameter approx 50 cm, Height 27/30 cm, Opening approx. 22 cm, Packacking Cotton Bag

For one big Cat up to 10 kg or 2 Cats approx. 5 kg

What does wet felting mean - Wet felting uses only soap and water. The warm soapy water causes the wool to swell and the top scaly layer of the wool to spread. By hand, the wool is pulled through the soapy water, pressed and shaped. The movement in the warm water causes a close connection between the individual wool scales and fibers, so that gradually a solid felt is formed.

Large Wool Cat Caves by Profeline

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