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Cat kicker toy, in perfect shape for energetic cats. They can do bunny kick or wrestle the toy. Additional natural feathers will awaken the predator within in the comfort of your home. Play together with this natural hemp & feathers cat toy. The soft pillow is made from hemp fabric, filled with natural wool and sewn together. Feathers come from a small local farm and to keep them in place and hold better, they are sticked together (inside) with locally sourced natural beeswax.

Catnip available, just choose from drop down menu and I will add it to the toy.

🐱 100% PLASTIC-FREE products and packaging

🐱 Cat toy set includes:

- Hemp fabric and feathers kicker toy


- 100% Hemp fabric

- Feathers from small farm

- Natural wool

- Catnip by your choice


- Hemp fabric pillow - 25x5cm / 10x2"

- 10 feathers in different sizes and colors

XL Cat Nip Kickers

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