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An attachment made from real lambskin tanned and produced in Germany.

On a 40 cm long cotton ribbon, there are 3 thick fur bobbles made of lambskin.

Pull the fur bobble swinging over the floor and your cat will immediately start the hunt for the exciting prey. As soon as the fur is successfully caught, the nose of your cat will buried in it, held with all paws, scratched and plucked. The smell of real fur turns your cat into a hunter.

Don't worry - the lambskin can be plucked without any worries - it consists of 100% genuine lambskin with leather back (no flocked synthetic fibre). Let the hunt for this fascinating fur-bobbles begin.

Length approx. 40 cm, diameter fur bobble 8 cm

Color natural golden yellow hue of lambskin

100 % lambskin from domestic stock - tanned and processed in Germany

Good to know: All skins therefore come from domestic stocks of German breeders and are a by-product of food production - they are tanned and processed in a traditional German tannery.

Lamb Bubble Tail by Profeline

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