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Effortlessly carry heavy pets with ibiyaya load-lifter dog backpack

It’s a 3-in-1 dog backpack that can be used in a variety of ways — as a large dog backpack with windows, as a dog carrier backpack with wheels (or dog suitcase), and as a dog car seat booster perfect for long travel and hiking.

The first large dog carrier backpack to be equipped with a multi-stage back length adjustment system (load-lifter adjustment), mirroring professional mountain climbing gear.

The spacious inner space ensures ideal weight balance for your personalized comfort.

With an ergonomic carrying design that can bear up to 12kg or 26.5 lbs, it’s now easy and enjoyable to bring medium-sized pets on adventures.

A dog backpack trolley is sold separately to add more functionality to the carrier.

2-year manufacturer’s warranty

Spacious Cabin: Capable of carrying up to 12 kg or 26.5 lbs with the dimension – 38cm long, 39cm width and 55 cm height, perfect for carrying medium- and large-sized dog breeds.

Ergonomic carrying system: The adjustment module of this dog backpack for large dogs allows for personalized back length adjustment in multiple stages, distributing the backpack’s weight effectively over the waist, shoulders, and chest – providing perfect weight balance for pet owners. The back and hip belts are padded with thick, breathable sponge for maximum comfort and to prevent overheating.

Full U-shaped large opening: This large dog carrier backpack with window allows pets to pop their heads out without feeling oppressed. The reinforced edges provide a sturdy structure that prevents collapsing or deformation, no matter how your pet moves when they’re inside.

Transforms into a dog carrier backpack with wheels: A detachable trolley platform is available for purchase. Add this item to your cart to transform this backpack into a dog suitcase with wheels.

Large mesh windows: The mesh windows on the left, right, and front of this dog backpack with window ensure good ventilation and visibility, so your pet stays comfortable throughout your travel or hiking.

Bottom inclination design: The inclination helps stabilize the backpack’s center of gravity and reduces the feeling of incline for pets inside.

Sunlight protection cover: The light-shielding cover at the opening of this large breed dog backpack prevents direct sunlight, offering pets a comfortable resting environment.

Easy maintenance: The entire fabric of this large dog travel bag is water-resistant and stain-resistant, capable of withstanding light rain, which makes it perfect for outdoor use.

Space-saving: Detachable EVA hard bottom allows for folding and easy cleaning.

Padded inner padding: Thick soft padding protects your furry friends’ spines. The four corners have unique cross-shaped holders to keep pee pads in place and avoid leaks.

Non-Sagging: The top-quality large dog backpack for hiking is created from excellent materials and built to last. Regardless of its frequent usage or the level of activity of your pets within it, it maintains its form and won’t sag or lose its integrity over the years.

Polyester: Our dog carrier backpack with wheels (detachable) is fashioned from polyester (EVA hard bottom), an industrial material renowned for its resistance to wrinkles and wear and its lightweight. It’s sturdy enough to comfortably hold large breed dogs. Not to mention, it’s easy to maintain as it cleans up nicely and dries quickly!

Safety features: It comes with reflective stripes on both sides and a reflective bungee net on the front to ensure your pet’s visibility, especially during nighttime or low-light situations. Use its built-in safety tethers to ensure that your pet stays in place inside the backpack.

Storage space expansion: The Champion Large Dog Backpack with window is designed with storage in mind.The bungee net allows you to store jackets or hang pet bowls, lickable dog treats, poop bags, and trekking poles. Its side pockets can hold water bottles, and the hip belt can hold sunglasses and other small accessories.

As a booster seat for large dogs: Searching for a more multifunctional solution? This compact yet accommodating dog backpack with window is just what you need. By threading seat belts through the provided loops, you can easily transform this pet carrier backpack with wheels into a dog car seat booster. This handy attribute is particularly advantageous when transporting your pets by car!

Ibiyaya Champion Large Carrier Backpack

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