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The Ultra Clean Filters for the Hydr water fountain have a 4-channel system. The outer cotton layer of the filter catches hairs and crumbs. And the three active filters (activated carbon, nano particles and ionic resin) kill bacteria and clean the drinking water. The filters offer a perfect complement to the UVC Germicidal lamp, keeping the Hydr's drinking water fresh, clean, soft and tasty.

Key benefits.

✔ 4-channel filter system ensures clean, soft and delicious drinking water.

✔ Easy to place in the Hydr's filter holder.

✔ Each pack contains 5 Hydr filters.

✔ The filters should be replaced after +/- 10 days.

Suitable for my cat?

The Hoopo® Hydr water fountain is suitable for all cats and encourages your cat to drink more which benefits your cat's health. The Hydr has a UVC lamp and Ultra Clean filters, this combination ensures ultra clean drinking water.

Hydr Ultra Clean Filters

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