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The Racer Cat Scratcher from Happy Pet 's Cat 'n' Caboodle range is a great toy to keep your pet entertained and their paws and claws healthy . Part of a cat's natural behavior is the love and the need to scratch. The corrugated cardboard provides the perfect surface for them to sink their claws into. With colourful balls to push and chase around the scratch pad, this is a great interactive scratcher that will provide hours of fun for your pet. The toy's wooden exterior attachment is great for ensuring the toy lasts longer.

- Constructed from a solid wooden base with a corrugated cardboard interior

- Excellent for scratching and keeping claws clean and in good condition

- Lane with colorful balls for extra fun and to encourage natural play in the form of chases

- Perfect for keeping cats off furniture

- Size: 46cm x 4cm x 25cm

Happy Pet Cat 'n' Caboodle Racer Cat Scratcher

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