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Looking for a fun and engaging toy to keep your cat entertained? Look no further than starfish, the newest addition to our handmade beasty toys cat toy collection!

As fellow cat lovers, we understand the importance of providing your feline friend with toys that are not only entertaining but also durable.

That's why we've created starfish, a high-quality cat toy made from the same durable upholstery fabric as our other toys. And the best part? All of our toys are made from fabric that was about to be thrown away. But it wasn't. Thanks to our zero waste policy, we're doing our part to protect our planet. Starfish comes in a beautiful pink color, so you can choose the perfect match for your cat's personality. The toy is stuffed with catnip and buckwheat husk, so your cat will love playing with it for hours on end. Dimensions: * ca. 13 cm / 5 in

Handmade Starfish Cat Toy, Catnip and Buckwheat Husk Inside

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