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USB Rechargeable battery】- The Electronic cat toy uses a voltage of 3.7V, built-in 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery, charging for 1 hour, can work for more than 3 hours. Intelligent LED light accurately indicates charging status: the LED light keeps flashing during charging and keeps on after being fully charged. Fully charge the lithium battery before use to ensure it has enough power.

【4 Rotating Modes & 15 mins Timing Function 】- Four rotation modes, multi-track irregular movement, increase the curiosity and interest of cats. Press the button to adjust in sequence: fast/slow/fast or slow/random/stop; The LED button light changes different colors and identifies different modes: blue/green/red/gradient light. And it will automatically shut down after 15 minutes of working in any mode; not only energy saving, but also to avoid excessive stimulation and overwork of the cat.

【Hide and Seek Gameplay & Multiple Surprises 】- You can also use the cloth cover provided to cover the toys, the moving wand can make cats more excited and add more fun. Cats can play with toys in sight and enjoy themselves. Note: When installing the cloth cover, please remove the plastics cover and put on the cloth cover before fixing the plastics cover again, in case the cloth cover is accidentally torn off by the cat.

【Cat Fun Playmates】 - The combination design of rotating toys and various accessories can alleviate the cat's loneliness and anxiety, release excess energy, exercise the ability to capture, fitness and weight management, accompany cats for a long time and bring them endless joy.

【A Variety of Replacement Accessories 】- Accessories list: toy host *1, cloth cover *1, feather *2, Caterpillar *1, instruction *1, USB cable *1, plastic rod *4, silicone pad *1. Turntable toys provide a variety of shapes of assembly accessories and feather accessories, can be freely assembled on the toy host, so that cats can maintain a lasting interest in toys! (Toy host size: bottom diameter 4.1 "/10.5cm, height 3.2" /8cm.)

Electronic Cat Toy

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