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About this product

The Dome Plus litter box has a beautiful design that blends seamlessly with any interior. The design offers a balance of functionality and style for both cats and cat owners!

Made from durable plastic, the Dome Plus is modern in design and surprisingly practical too. Thanks to the stylish design the litter box does not need to be hidden and can be placed anywhere. The Dome Plus litter box is easy to clean, and the external drip tray prevents grit from spreading.

✔ The Dome Plus is very practical and easy to clean.

✔ No more grit on the floor.

✔ A welcome addition to your home interior.

✔ Easy access for your cat.

✔ Planet-friendly, made from 100% recycled ABS.


• Dimensions: 520 x 390 x 390 cm (204.7″ x 153.5″ x 153.5″)

Dome Plus Cat Litter Box by Hoopo

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