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Necoichi’s Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl is known for its comfortable concave fit that is purrfect for cats to curl up in, or use as a scratcher. This scratcher is now available as a double decker tower! Made from the same fine materials as the single Cozy Cat Scratcher bowl, this completely recycled cardboard tower is so easy to set up, you only need to place the bowls in the tower frame. This tower can be used in single cat homes or simultaneously by two cats, and your cat can choose which level they want to snooze in.

🐱The popular Cozy Cat Scratcher Bowl is making its grand debut as a double decker tower!

🐱Scratcher bowl pads are both reversible and refillable, as well as space saving.

🐱The beds aren’t the only scratchers—the inner and outer cardboard edges of the tower frame are also purrfect for cats.

🐱Warm and modern wood panel can be long lasting.

🐱Made from fine cardboard materials. All adhesives are plant-based and free from any nasties that could be harmful to your cat.

Cozy Cat Scratcher Tower

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