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Stylish and comfortable CHILL DeLuxe shelf has been designed by experts and cat lovers with the well-being of cats and owners in mind.

It has all the sleek floating design, great quality and chic of our Chill shelf but there is just a lot more of it.

Made of beech plywood and covered with an extra large soft cushion which is fastened on so it won't budge an inch.

This really is the daddy of designer cat furniture. Heavy-duty hidden brackets measure 16 inches apart so they can easily mounted into wall studs or into a solid wall.

Because they are totally concealed, it gives the CHILL DeLUXE shelf a classic floating design that fits with any type of interior dëcor, modern or traditional.

And of course all our shelf cushions are machine washable.

ETSY Designer Awards 2020 Winner.

  • Cat lounger for more comfort: the solid cat lounger offers a perfect retreat for your house cat and is an excellent addition to a cat bed, cat hammock or cat cave
  • Load capacity up to 25 kg: the incredible durable and robust hanging lounger can hold up to 25 kg. This is sufficient for 2-3 cats smaller cats or for a large Maine-Coone cat that reaches up to 12 kg body weight
  • Cuddly cat accessories: the lounger for cats is equipped with a 3 thick mattress. It is attached to the wooden frame with metal snaps and does not slip when the cat climbs or jumps
  • Chill Out Lounger: The 90 cm long and 41 cm wide cat lounger weighs 4.5 kg and is a perfect place for your furry nose to sleep and chill. Your cat gets a cosy place where she feels comfortable and homely
  • Easy to install: with the purchase you will receive a robust mounting set (fishing dowels, screws and metal bracket). The clear assembly instructions will support you in the uncomplicated assembly of the lounger

A variety of colour ways and wood finishes - please specify in comments at time of purchase - we will contact you to check onve orders are received to make sure everything is Purrrfect









Soft White cushion  

Smooth Dark Grey Cushion 

Smooth Light Brown Cushion

Elegant red cushion

Elegant Rose Grey Cushion

Elegant Green Cushion

Soft light Grey Cushion

Soft Cappuccino Cushion


Remember - please specify at time of ordering - if you do noyt we will contact you to request colour options prior to despatch


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