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Do you and your pet enjoy hot meals all the time?

Do you notice your feline friend not eating as much when the food is not warm?

Keep your cat's appetite in check and you'll never see left-over food on their bowl again!

Use the Mayitwill Clown Cat Bowl and watch your furry feline enjoy a delicious meal all the time!

ALLOWS YOU TO WARM YOUR PET'S MEAL as the bottom compartment of the bowl can be used to place hot water with and the top portion comes with a metal bowl that conducts heat allowing the food to get warm.

DETACHABLE AND DOES NOT OVERTURN so that you can conveniently store the bowl when not in use. It's designed in such a way that it will not easily flip over avoiding food spilling and accidents that may harm your pet

PERFECT FOR SOLID OR LIQUID FOOD may it be canned meat that needs to be thawed in heat or a cold bowl of milk that needs to be warm for your cat to enjoy.


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