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About this product

Organic Ground Catnip in Cotton Fabric Cat Toys.

We start with cotton fabric in whimsical designs. The catnip drops you receive may be a different design as we use a varity of coton fabrics. We put a tablespoon of organic catnip in center of fabric and tie fabric closed with a hemp cord. Cats who enjoy catnip will love these toys, my cats roll around on them, lick them and carry them around like a prize. Cat tested and cat approved. CATNIP DROPS measure an average of 1" x 3".

Your cat toys will arrive in a plastic bag up to 50 per bag. We suggest you display these toys in a airtight container to keep the smell of catnip ready to excite your customers senses.

You will receive 3 cat nip bundles

Cat Nip Bundles x 3

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