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About this product

The perched cat set was created for the well-being of cats!

This small box contains 4 bags of various euphoric French and organic catnips, contained in small cat-shaped papers to avoid odor transfers.

These different herbs are accompanied by an explanatory booklet full of tips, and a sturdy fabric pouch (sewn by an ESAT) to put the bags in and for cats to play without damage.

Its pretty white cardboard box can be used as a storage box to alternate herbs and prevent our felines from getting too used to a smell.

The herbs à la carte* are a selection of the most stimulating and euphoric herbs:

- Catnip

- Valerian

- The olive tree

- Water clover

All these herbs will have the beneficial effect of reengaging the cat in the game, relieving tension and relaxing it.

Cat herb discovery set

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