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Inspired by Choupette Lagerfeld - the elegant Designer Cat Cave Choupette with stool by CanadianCat®

These are a special order item and can take 14 days for delivery

The Choupette is the absolutely stylish and incomparable designer piece of furniture of the luxury class by CanadianCat®. The cover is made of velvety soft fabric. The padded top of the stool, which serves as a wonderful observation post, offers absolute comfort. The round shape is created from individual, color-graded and stacked rings. The end of the cuddly cave is a wide matt chrome strip around the cat bed.

The inner, soft pillow and the round shape provide the necessary cuddle factor and a protected sleep. The round shape suits the natural behavior of the cat. The cover of the corresponding pillow is washable (hand wash) and filled with soft foam. So it can be cuddled really nicely.

The sturdy body of the stool, with a total diameter of approx. 58 cm, with a total height of approx. 59 cm, is equally suitable for large and small cats and is also large enough for two cats. The ideal place to sleep even in a multi-cat household.

If you are looking for an incomparable piece of furniture for yourself and your loved ones, you will find our elegant Choupette cat furniture from CanadianCat® to be an innovative and high-quality designer piece with absolute recognition value. With a height of approx. 59 cm, it offers an optimal seat height for people and animals, whether as a practical seat on the make-up mirror or as a couch addition in the living room. So your fur nose always has a well-protected retreat in the cave and an optimal observation spot on the stool, right by your side.

Lying surface: approx. Ø 58 cm

Lying area cave: approx. 48 cm

Pillow thickness: approx. 5 cm

Inner height: approx. 34 cm

Entrance to the cat cave: approx. 25 x 21 cm

Inner edge of the cat cave: approx. 5 cm

Cat Cave Choupette by CanadianCat Company

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