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About this product

🧲 Detachable Magnetic Attachments allow cats to experience the thrill of a real catch! This dynamic feature enhances the interactive play experience, keeping furry friends engaged and entertained. One feather attachment and DIY clip included.

🎨 Do-It-Yourself Magnetic Clip: Unleash creativity with our DIY magnetic clip (included), which lets cat owners design heir own prizes for their cat to chase. Customize playtime and have fun sharing creations with our community of cat enthusiasts!

📏 Super Strong Telescoping Pole & Chew-Proof Handle: Durable telescoping pole that extends up to 36 inches. The chew-proof handle adds an extra layer of durability, making our wand a long-lasting and reliable choice for pet owners.

☑️ Convenient Cord Wrapping for Tangle-Free Storage: Say goodbye to tangled cords and messy storage

Cat Amazing Snatch – Magnetic Wand Toy – Really Catch!

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