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About this product

The water in the Agua runs automatically when your cat approaches after every 30 minutes, stimulating a higher water intake for your cat. The Agua is super quiet making sure to not disturb your work, movie, or your cats' nap. Every 24 hours the Germicidal UVC lamp switches on automatically and effectively removes all bacteria, providing healthy drinking water. With its long battery life and auto functions, we made sure the Agua is hassle-free for its owners. The Agua water fountain has a stylish design and fits any interior!

✔ Ergonomic height.

✔ Very practical and carefree.

✔ Auto water running feature inspires cats to drink more.

✔ Long battery cycle +/- 30-40 days.

✔ Automatically keeps the water clean from bacteria.

✔ Filter to keep hairs out of the water.

✔ Large water capacity: 2L.

✔ Super quiet, decibel below 40.

✔ Cordless, so cats won't chew or play with them.

The Agua is suitable for all cats and stimulates more water intake to benefit your cats health.

Agua SMART water fountain - USB Recharge

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